• Looking for Small Changes with Precision Eye Tracking

    Whether it is glaucoma, pre-op surgical assessment or adjusting anti-VEGF therapy, confidently detecting and assessing small changes may change your treatment decision. In diagnostic imaging, motion artifact is the number one problem limiting confident detection of small change.

    Spectralis® solves this problem by using cSLO technology to track the eye and guide OCT to the selected location. TruTrack™ Eye Tracking comes from a long history of image alignment know-how, validated in longitudinal studies such as the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study.
    Not only are the scans guided on first examination, TruTrack™ automatic retinal recognition technology enables follow-up examinations to be scanned in the same exact location without relying on subjective operator judgment.

    • Spectral-Domain OCT (SD-OCT)
    • High resolution infrared laser fundus imaging
    • TruTrackTM Active Eye Tracking
    • AutoRescanTM precision follow-ups
    • Smallest measurable change
    • Heidelberg Noise ReductionTM technology
    • Automatic Real Time image stabilizatio