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Special Offer for Advanced Procedures Course Attendees

Hello Advanced Procedures Course attendees! We have an exciting announcement for all of you. For a limited time, we are offering a special discount on Volk lenses exclusively for attendees of this event. Our high-quality Volk lenses are known for their precision and accuracy, and they are the perfect solution for all your imaging needs.

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal, and thank you for attending the Advanced Procedures Course!

G-3 Gonio Lens

3-Mirror, All-Glass Design

  • 60° mirror provides a view of the iridocorneal angle
  • 66° mirror provides a retinal image from the equator to the ora serrata
  • 76° mirror provides a view of the mid-peripheral/peripheral retina
  • Available in two formats: flanged (recommended for laser trabeculoplasty) and no flanged (recommended for routine gonioscopy)
  • This three mirror Goldman-style lens equipped with unbeatable Volk optics is a must have for every Glaucoma specialist

G-4 Gonio Lens

4-Mirror, All-Glass Design

  • 4-mirror design allows for comprehensive examination and treatment of the trabecular meshwork with minimal lens rotation
  • Available with a

          – large ring (28.5 mm)

          – a small ring (25.5 mm)

          – 2-position handle (right/left handed)

  • No flange version is ideal for dynamic and indentation gonioscopy
  • Flanged version provides stability for laser trabeculoplasty
  • 4 mirror, Sussman style lens with unbeatable Volk optics enables high detail examination of the angle structures 
  • Also available in a handled (Posner-style) model

G-6 Gonio Lens

6-Mirror, All-Glass Design

  • 6 closely-aligned mirrors create a panoramic view of the anterior chamber and minimize the need for dynamic gonioscopy
  • Available with a

            – large ring (28.5 mm)

           – 2-position handle (right/left handle)

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