Tristel Clean – Triple-enzyme foam(6-pack)

Brand: Tristel

SKU: DI2TSL023301

Tristel Clean (6-pack) is a triple-enzyme foam designed specifically for the cleaning of medical devices.

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Tristel Duo OPH is a high-level disinfectant foam for use on cleaned, reusable, non-lumened, semi-critical devices used in ophthalmology.

Each Tristel Duo OPH bottle comprises two separate compartments, containing 125ml Tristel Base Solution and 125ml Tristel Activator Solution. The compartments are bound together into a single dispenser. When pressing down the foam pump, the solutions are mixed to generate a consistent dose of ClOfoam at the point of use. 

The dual-compartment, ready-to-use bottle enables reprocessing ophthalmic instruments immediately and remotely, without the need for water or electricity. 

Tristel Duo OPH has been tested in accordance with the latest and most stringent efficacy norms and is proven mycobactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal in 2-minute contact time. 

The speed and practicality of Tristel Duo OPH allow for rapid instrument turnaround while reducing the need to purchase additional equipment, and contributes to a seamless, reliable and uninterrupted workflow.

Tristel Duo OPH carries a low toxicity rating and is not classified as hazardous according to CLP regulations, thus safeguarding the health of operators.

Tristel Duo OPH contains a non-ionic surfactant for added cleaning performance.

Each 250ml Tristel Duo OPH bottle provides 100 high-level disinfection events and is supplied in cases of two or six bottles. Each Tristel Duo OPH bottle has a shelf life of two years.

Tristel Duo OPH is classified as a Class II Medical Device under the Canadian Medical Device Regulations SOR/98-282.