Gulden General Eye Model

Brand: Gulden

SKU: TE1GU15152

Gulden General Eye Model - Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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This model features a whole globe which can be taken apart to reveal internal structures.  In addition to the standard anatomy, Gulden has added cords to represent myopia and hyperopia.

This realistic, brightly colored model of the human eye demonstrates the parts and features of a human eye. This allows the ophthalmic practitioner to explain and discuss any eye related issues with their patients. The eye model provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate myopia and hyperopia through adjustment of the focal rays, thus showing movement of the focal point in the eye. This also shows the method acuity is improved through surgery and/or corrective lenses.

The eye model also shows a cross section of the eye in three layers; the retina, choroid, the sclera with veins and arteries, interior and exterior, including central retinal. It is made of plastic, measures six (6) inches in diameter, and is mounted on a black plastic base.