Clement Clarke Fusion Slides (Green Binding)

Brand: Clement Clarke

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Clement Clarke Fusion Slides (Green Binding) - Available through INNOVA, Canada's trusted source for ophthalmic equipment and supplies.

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Slide Series F

Fusion Green Binding

The robust slides are compatible with all of the Clement Clarke Synoptophore models. The range of slides is the most extensive available and they cater for a wide range of binocular vision anomolies. For easy indentification, the slides are bound in different colours, according to their category.

F 3/4 Rabbit — peripheral attached controls, flowers and tail | 11° square

To assess sensory fusion (the second grade of Binocular Single Vision) two similar pictures each with an incomplete ‘control’ (i.e. rabbit’s tail and a bunch of flowers) are presented to the patient. One tube is locked at zero and the patient is instructed to move the image, as with Simultaneous Perception (SP), and create a composite image of the rabbit holding a bunch of flowers. It is important to question the patient about the ‘controls’ to prove sensory fusion or assess for the presence of suppression. Yet again, if this is difficult for the patient, large slides may be beneficial.