Customer Service AODA Compliance Requirements


Innova Medical is committed to providing exceptional customer service and accessibility for persons with disabilities.


This policy outlines how Innova Medical works with its employees to ensure that all goods and services are provided in such a manner that respects the integration and equal opportunity of persons with disabilities.
Should persons confined to a wheelchair require access to the building, they can arrange for a Customer Service Representative to meet outside the building to assist with entry.
If a pick-up is to be completed, persons with disabilities can make arrangements in advance for a Customer Service Representative to meet at the front of the building to deliver products. 
Should a visitor require an accessible washroom they will be accompanied by a Customer Service Representative through the service department into the warehouse and can access the washroom in 54 Carnforth.


Assistive Devices
Innova Medical permits persons with disabilities to use their personal assistive devices while on the company’s premises.

Service Animals and Support Persons
Innova Medical welcomes service animals and support persons on its premises on which the persons with disabilities rely.

Training of Employees
Innova Medical will provide its employees with training regarding the provisions to ensure accessible goods and services in the workplace.

**Training will occur on an ongoing basis and whenever changes are made to relevant policies & procedures


Innova Medical encourages feedback regarding how it provides goods and services to persons with disabilities.  Feedback can be provided through the following channels:

  • E-Mail:
  • Mail:  48 Carnforth Rd North York ON M4A 2K7
  • Phone:  416-615-0185 / 800-461-1200
  • Fax:  416-631-8272 / 800-313-8696

Please see below for the attached AODA Customer Feedback Form

Send all completed Feedback forms to