• Light modulation with optimal power energy: new dry eye treatment for upper and lower eyelids

    Eye-Light® is an (intensive pulse light) IPL and low level light therapy (LLLT), which combines light modulation with OPE.

    Eye-Light® simultaneously treats the lower and upper eyelids with direct and indirect applications and has the added benefit of not needing the application of gel during the treatment process, thanks to the patented and unique cooling module

    IPL treats the Meibomian glands. Applied on periorbital and cheekbone areas, it was verified by various neurological studies that the emission of high power light impulses leads to a stimulation of neurotransmitters. These solicit the Meibomian glands to produce, contracting, a higher secretion thus increasing the natural lipid flow which reduces tears evaporation.

    Light modulation® Thanks to the emission of high power LED light, the endogenous heat of both eyelids is triggered, which contributes to stabilize and increase lipid tear layer.