• OASIS Dry Eye Protection Sunglasses
    Contemporary frame design wraps around tightly for protection from the drying effects of sun, wind, and airborne debris.

    Sizing Gauges
    The gauging set consists of two titanium and stainless steel instruments: one with 0.5mm and 0.6mm tips and the other with 0.7mm and 0.8mm tips. These instruments are bar coded for easy size identification of each gauge tip. The set also comes with sterilization tray.

    Jeweler's Forceps-Curved or Straight

    Castroviejo Lacrimal Dilator
    A standard lacrimal dilator used to probe the lacrimal duct.

    Lacrimal Irrigation Kit
    For use with BSS to irrigate the Form Fit plug through the nasal passage if removal becomes necessary