• Accutome’s PachPen and PachPen Vet are the perfect combination of accuracy, portability and comfort. The superior ergonomic design fits comfortably in any hand, which is a major improvement from other handheld models.The PachPen is also equipped with Accutome’s Digital Signal Analysis which will eliminate non perpendicular measurements on the cornea.

    The PachPen’s 65MHz sampling probe ensures precise measurements and uses digital signal analysis to analyze wave patterns and to eliminate non perpendicular measurements.

    An ergonomic design, combined with sighting lines, allows for easy visualization of the cornea, facilitating both centralization and perpendicularity. The contoured molding with a large, visible LCD screen allows the PachPen to be used ambidextrously and fit comfortably in any size hand.

    Digital ultrasound analysis eliminates the need for calibration. The long-lasting battery will last for four to six months.

    The PachPen only weighs three ounces and comes with a custom heavy-duty traveling case and lanyard for safe transportation.

    The ergonomic design allows you to take fast measurements with your patient in any position. This frees up valuable office space.

    Smarter software
    The PachPen stores and averages nine measurements. It contains a built-in IOP correction calculator, which adjusts the IOP based on corneal thickness.